What to expect from sessions.

Sessions provide time to talk and reflect on a range of
topics that are occupying you. This might include past  
memories, current life concerns, relationship issues, dreams,
sensations, feelings, thoughts and wishes.

I will help you to explore what’s happening and we can think about how best to make things better. I may reflect back to you to help you make sense or make connections between different parts of your story. We might consider alternative perspectives, or explore issues, feelings and sensations more deeply.

My Approach to Psychotherapy and Counselling

My ethos stems from a belief that we all need the opportunity in life to have a place to emotionally grow, enquire about ourselves and be supported through our difficulties.

My commitment is to offering that opportunity through my focus on a clients’ inner world and their relationship with their bodies, mind, feelings and spirit. I pay close attention to the quality of the relationship between client and therapist as I believe that this is what is at the heart of the therapeutic process.  

I seek to develop a way of working with each client unique to their needs and way of being. 

My intention is to bring attitudes of kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, humour and a gentle authenticity to this process.  I like to think of this as  recalling parts of our self and integrating them.  A process of ‘making you more you’.

Contact me for a FREE 30 MINUTE consultation me on: 07891 517470 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.