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Integrative Psychotherapy

It is not necessary to know all about the different types of therapy disciplines and theories before selecting a therapist.  What is considered the most important factor for a successful outcome is the relationship that the therapist and client are able to establish together and that you feel safe and comfortable.  

The integrative training I utilise was originally developed by Helen Davies the founder of the Minster centre. This thorough training had an emphasis on integrating a synthesis of theories alongside experiential self-development.  I believe this deeply impactful training which reached the core of my being best equipped me to work with the wide variety of issues that I am able.  Since training, I have frequently added to my knowledge and understanding by attending workshops as well as reading to keep informed of new developments. 

Most commonly I utilise a trauma informed approach alongside Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Attachment and Bodywork approaches.  In particular drawing on my understanding of how the body can express and hold onto feelings. I am able to incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Creative Art Therapy techniques where appropriate and agreed with clients. I also value a Mindfulness or reflective approach as a means to develop awareness of how we experience our thoughts, feelings, behaviour, body and sensations and to draw attention to our relationship to these.

At a theoretical level it makes the most sense to me that there is no one truth, rather that different modalities have greater or lesser relevance depending on what each client is hoping to achieve through their psychotherapy.  Integrative Psychotherapy is less directive than some therapies and may suit some personality types more than others.  I find it is particularly useful for those who experienced early life difficulties and those with challenging life circumstances. 

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