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How Psychotherapy and Counselling can help

Psychotherapy and counselling work well for many people with considerable benefits.  Simply having a safe space and non-judgemental relationship within which to express yourself can be what helps you the most.

The following summarise commonly reported outcomes clients have shared with me:

      • Develop a kinder relationship towards yourself
      • Find meaning in past and present experiences
      • Sustain relationships characterised by genuine love and caring
      • Form close and lasting friendships based on mutual support and sharing
      • Develop more energy and use it more effectively and productively
      • Enjoy challenges and experience pleasure from accomplishing activities
      • Resolve conflict and anger more successfully
      • Bring clarity and compassion to the confusion of common human problems
      • Develop creative potential and see things in a healthier way
      • Increase empathy and responsiveness to own and others needs and feelings
      • Appreciate and respond to humour
      • Come to terms with painful feelings from the past, finding meaning and growth from them
      • Be able to assert yourself effectively and appropriately
      • Become more comfortable in social situations
      • Experience increased happiness and contentment from life’s activities
      • Become psychologically insightful
      • Express emotion with appropriate intensity to the situation
      • Manage painful and challenging symptoms more effectively

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